Kevin Banto was born in Chile and grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Coming from a family that has migrated many times during the last century, his cultural background is as eclectic as the medium he uses to express his art. 
He first started fine arts studies at the ECAL (Lausanne) and continued at the HEAD (Geneva). Through a narrative, hybrid and performing arts inspired approach, Kevin Banto questions the way the body, the sexuality and the identity are represented in our virilistic social and cultural society context.
Prix et nominations 

2019 - Prix d’art visuel Gymnase Auguste Piccard
2019 - Nomination pour le prix d'arts visuels vaudois ​​​​​​​

2019 - Portrait d'un artiste de vingt ans, écrit par Oscar Jordan, Journal de Cossonay
2018 - Das Waadtländer Genie Kevin Banto sorgt mit seiner Kunst gern für Unbehagen, écrit par Régine Bucher, Konbini​​​​​​​
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